Mimi-The Friendship Club Membership Coordinator

Hi, my name is Mimi and I am the Assistant Manager of the Friendship Club. I work the coffee bar during the week from 4:30 till closing. I have been assistant manager for almost 2 years. I have made a lot of wonderful friends and enjoy interacting with everyone. I am also the Membership Coordinator. Memberships can be paid on a yearly basis which is 100.00 per year or 10.00 a month and can be done through paypal. The Membership envelopes are located behind the coffee bar.

Please remember that this membership to The Friendship Club isn't a requirement for attending any of the meetings or the events at the Club. It is just a way to raise a little money to benefit the club and help to pay for expenses, etc.

To become a member of The Friendship Club of Santa Fe, choose a subscription amount from the drop down menu below and click on "Subscribe". That will take you to PayPal to finish your subscription.

The Friendship Club of Santa Fe needs your donations to keep the doors open as well as move into our new building. Make a one time donation by clicking below.